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Applying because I heart planoljane!


All about you
Katie (kathleen storey harlow)
Age: 16
Location: Amherst, NY (just outside of Buffalo)

Favorite Bands:
I like alot of different suff, everything from Bob Dylan classic, to Korn, Maroon 5, Joni Mitchell, The Ramones, The Clash, The Shins
Favorite Movies: Garden State, Edward scissor hands, Pirates of the Carribean, (love johnny depp), Saved, Mean Girls
Favorite books: Any thing by David Sedaris, he's coming to do a show next weekend and I'm going to see him!! I love classical stuff too Shakespeare, and the prophecies of Nostradamus are interesting
Favorite stores (provide links if they have a website): Gap, some of the stuff at hot topic, New Age Creations, Terrapin Station (both hippie stores)
Favortie poison: arsenic

Stop! It's opinion time!
Punk Rock Elitists:
I loath anything with the title elitist, you're not nessecarily better than me, JUST because you have one more spiked bracelet doesn't mean you're more punk than me.
Feminism: I love it. "I don't know what a feminist is, but all I know is that's what I get called when I express an opinion that differentiates me from a door mat."
Indie/Emo/Goth kids: You are who you are, you like what you like, and you have every right to express yourself, so long as you arn't harming anyone in the process.
Commercializing Punk: It really can't be true punk if a corperation has gotten together and put a price tag on it to sell it to the masses.
Pop Punk: Two words that don't go together. next question?

Fill in the blank
I wish I were ______
More secure with myself.
My favorite food is made from _______ Chocolate. (corny answer, LOVE)
I've never _______ Seen the world through your eyes.

Describe your typical day

I usually get up go to school and deal with those idiots who mascarade themselves as better than me. I find my refuge at lunch with my nerdy friends. Eventually I get myself home and get ready for ballet. Depending on what day of the week it is I take class or teach it. I go home (several hours later) eat, shower, and crawl into bed.

Now, post a few pictures (that means more than one) of yourself. Try to include a full body shot and a face shot (closeup) so we can really see what you look like.

Me on an airplane.

Me with (photoshopped) black hair.

(this is the best full body shot I have) (basically I'm kinda heavy, but I have a great figure... I'm well endowed in the chest area)
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