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Just because I'm the mod doesn't mean I don't have to apply....


All about you
Name: Kyla
Age: 18
Location: Vancouver, BC, CANADA

Favorite Bands: The Distillers, Simon and Garfunkel, Bright Eyes, Joan Jett, Tsunami Bomb, Devotchkas, Sex Pistols, Green Day, Ramones.
Favorite Movies: Watership Down, Breakfast at Tiffany's, American Beauty, Legally Blonde
Favorite books: Watership Down, any classic lit, any poetry by Millay, anything by Richard Adams...
Favorite stores (provide links if they have a website): Ebay, Funkytown
Favortie poison: Gin.

Stop! It's opinion time!
Punk Rock Elitists: Oh god. I created this fuckin' community to get away from those kids who are all like "punker than thou". So, I don't really like them. You're not hardcore, you're just another clique...
Feminism: I am a feminist. I don't shave my legs. I don't wear a bra. I spell "woman" womyn. You get the picture.
Indie/Emo/Goth kids: I have no problem with them. To each their own. But they don't belong here...
Commercializing Punk: You know, it's just another fad. Give it a year or two and it'll die out just like the rest of the trends that have come and gone in the last little while. Sure it's fun while it lasts, but if you are still punk after punk's dead (again), then you are punk.
Pop Punk: I really don't care. The guys and gals playing that music are having a good time and doing what they love and that's all that matters. What I have a problem with is people passing off the type of songs they play as "punk music". But that will change with time.

Fill in the blank
I wish I were two inches taller.
My favorite food is made from soy. I'm a vegan. (No, I am not sXe)
I've never gone bungee jumping.

Describe your typical day

Well, I'm a university student, but I'm also a lazy ass. I usually go to bed at 3am, get a few hours of sleep and then get up at 10am. I get dressed, go to classes, don't go to classes, come home, do homework and sit here making up communities on LJ.

Now, post a few pictures (that means more than one) of yourself. Try to include a full body shot and a face shot (closeup) so we can really see what you look like. Please use good quality pictures if you can. Webcam shots are just no fun...


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