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Punk Rock Kids

For kids who love punk rock with no strings attached

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Hey Kids.

This community is for guys and gals who love Punk Rock. If you fit that description, you may feel free to apply at any time.

As with any community, there are some simple rules you must follow:

1. Please don't post until you are given an accepted stamp. If you are rejected, you can't post, okay?
2. Put all your pictures behind a cut. Pretty simple. If you don't know how to do a cut, just ask someone and they'll help you.
3. Please no "punker than thou" attitudes. Yes, you will be rated for entry into the community and people will be judging you, but none of this stupid "oh my goth" or "mall punk" or "hot topic kid" stuff. If someone shops at Hot Topic that's their perogative. We don't need to be divas. Or devos.
4. Nothing too offensive please. Swearing is okay, and so are pictures of you giving the finger and making political statements are all good, but if you go around saying something along the lines of "all (insert racial group here) must die!", then you will be banned.
5. You have to be at least 16 to apply. I'd like to let anyone in, but I just can't. Them's the breaks. I'm in too many other communities with bratty little rich girls, and we don't need attitudes like that here. Mmmkay? If you're younger and you want to apply, just comment in My Journal and we'll talk.


All about you

Favorite Bands:
Favorite Movies:
Favorite books:
Favorite stores (provide links if they have a website):
Favortie poison:

Stop! It's opinion time!
Punk Rock Elitists:
Indie/Emo/Goth kids:
Commercializing Punk:
Pop Punk:

Fill in the blank
I wish I were ______
My favorite food is made from _______
I've never _______

Describe your typical day

Now, post a few pictures (that means more than one) of yourself. Try to include a full body shot and a face shot (closeup) so we can really see what you look like. Please use good quality pictures if you can. Webcam shots are just no fun...






Your mod is:

Plain ol' Jane

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